here’s me and my best friend forever trying and failing at jousting.

this tumblr belongs to a mega babely, boozey drinkin, dance party throwin, fun havin, most fabulous lady. living in Bellingham, WA. functioning to the best of my abilities. and practicing merriment everyday.

i like : john waters, cats, sass, body positivity, fancy hair colors, divine, people, taking pictures of myself, leggings, bellies, beans, booze, making lists, living alone, other peoples' selfies, hot jams, singing karaoke, fall, muriel and lucille, clean sheets, sleeping as much as i can possibly sleep, spirited away,that one picture of jeff goldblum, blanche devereaux, rose nylund, dorothy zbornack, pickled things, stripes, food pillows

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HELLOO. ask me things here. if you want to! <3